Steel & Sheet Metal Fabrications

Steel and sheet metal fabrication 

Partnership with leading cutting edge technology organization to cater for all metal fabrication requirements from consulting, drafting drawings, fabrication and finishing services.

Laser cutting 



Full Fabrication 


Metal enclosures includes manufacture of:  



Motor Starters and  

Remote Starting Stations using the latest NC equipment 

Switchboard Manufacturing

> P.L.C. Equipment 

> Enclosures for Electronic Equipment 

> Power Distribution Switchboards

> Power Factor Correction Panels 

> Mimic Panels & Marshalling Panels 

> Mini-Substations and Kiosks 

> Lighting Pole Swivel Brackets 

> AC Motor Control Centres (MCC)

> Supervisory Panels and Control Desks/Stations 

> Containerised Sub-station 

> Labelling – all types of labels engraved in-house 

Sheet metal Fabricated Products

1. Power factor control boards

2. Powder coating and wet spraying

3. Labelling by NC Controlled Equipment

– Reverse engraving

– Mimics 

– Traffolyte

– Gravoply and 

– Perspex 

4. Drawing Services

– Schematics

– Electrical power and control diagrams

– Distribution layouts & general arrangement drawings