Risk Management Programs

Risk Management Programs

Our customized risk management programs are conducted in close liaison with clients; the primary objectives being risk improvement, improved efficiencies, loss reduction, improved performance, reduced downtime, safety improvements, etc. depending on specific needs.

The following programs are covered:

Enterprise Architecture Risk Assessment
Cyber Security Threats Assessments & Awareness
Engineering Surveys
Large Corporate Surveys
Dilapidation Surveys
Surface Deformation Monitoring

These programs may be extended to cover Enterprise-Wide Risk Management Services across all facets of the organization.

Risk Management Approach

We use the “Responsive Risk Management Approach” for our surveys.

This is essentially a customized approach to a risk survey or a risk management program, taking into account the current risk profile and the desired practical result.

These are the steps we follow in our responsive approach:

> Analysis of claims statistics

> Identification of “hot spots” or problem areas

> Conducting targeted surveys

> Recommending remedial action to the client

> Drawing up a preventative maintenance plan

> Reviewing policy structure and policy conditions on the basis of the findings of the survey

> Follow-up on recommendations

Where relevant we will conduct in-depth analysis of the following aspects of the risk:

1. Project Management

2. Aged and obsolete infrastructure and equipment

3. Adequacy of Sums Insured and basis of indemnity

4. Critical equipment/assets

5. Maintenance Records

6. Asset Registers

7. Sample checks

8. Drawing up terms and conditions of compliance for plant and machinery

9. Surrounding Property

10. Third Party Liabilities