Rail Services

Rail Services

Our programs are conducted in close liaison with clients with the involvement of the process owners; the primary objectives being risk improvement, improved efficiencies, loss reduction, improved performance, reduced downtime, safety improvements, etc. depending on specific needs.

The following programs are covered:

Emergency & Disaster Recovery

Assisting With Project and Program Management

Rail Services

Emergency & Disaster Recovery

Our emergency and disaster recovery services include the following:

Assisting in Incident / accident investigation

Assisting in managing the clearing up of the accident / incident sites

Assisting with the appointing contractors to:

Clear and remove spoils/scrap, (this informs the client on what/how/when the site is to be cleared, what is required etc.)

Transport spoils/scrap from site (are the spoils to be disposed and any rolling stock to be removed)

Environmental approval of site

Assisting With Project and Program Management

Project Initiation                                                

Project Planning                            

Project Execution       

Project Monitoring and Control

Project Close-Out   

Having a set of protocols and framework minimizes resources such as time, finances and energy spent on projects thus following standardized process, engineering projects are able to run efficiently. The implementation of risk assessment is an important aspect within engineering during project delivery. Changes in projects are inevitable, as none goes entirely according to plan. Depending on the complexity changes are chief cause of overruns, poor relationships with a ripple effect, the further along it happens the more detrimental it is. Therefore proper change control process and record is important to identify, reveal consequences, analyse proposals, communicate, specify policy to mitigate, ensure implementation and report change log.

Where different projects has complexities, an integrated project management is essential to unify and coordinate the various processes and project management activities within the project management process groups.

Rail Services Programs

Rail risk management and auditing

Train derailment investigations

Grade crossing accident investigation and claims

Rail expense mitigation

Damage claims for railroad and highway bridges

Maintenance of train tracks

Equipment maintenance

Collisions and signals

Collision with motor vehicles and trucks crossing train tracks

Collapse of bridges

Condition of train crossings

Derailment Analysis and Mitigation Approach

Locomotive damage analysis & mitigation

Railcar damage analysis & mitigation

Signal damage analysis & mitigation

Track damage analysis & mitigation

Train delay analysis & mitigation

Loss of use analysis & mitigation

Third party loss analysis & mitigation

Liability investigations for rail accidents

Cargo loss valuation & salvage management

Bridge damage (railroad & highway bridges) analysis & mitigation

Grade crossing accident inspection, review and mitigation

Litigation – assist with expert reports, depositions and testimony for litigation claims