Industrial Supplies

Pilo has an extensive experience in strategic sourcing of products and services. This is inline with our slogan “Your Need is Our Existence” meaning without your needs we cease to exist.

The pillars that determines which market we participate in is driven by:

Our Vision

To be become a preferred strategic partner to our customers by supporting their supply chain in provision of innovative products and efficient service that capture ongoing value for customers

Our Mission

We strive for excellence in providing superior customer satisfaction through world class service delivery of quality products and innovative technical solutions in the African market

We strive to achieve sustainability through consistency and commitment to our brand values, as well as investment in long-term partnership with you our clients, the industry, farmers and other stakeholders to get ideas, study trends and innovative ways of operating affordably. This approach enables us to operate efficiently and reduce wastage in the process thus selling better products at cheaper prices

Our Values





We thus strive to maintain high safety standards and operate in a responsible manner towards the environment

Our Business

The company draws its relevance from the challenges and needs of organizations it services by working closely with its key stakeholders in identifying the root causes and providing innovative products and sustainable solutions coupled with excellent service. Contrary to traditional practice of just supplying products and implementing the service, Pilo makes it business to understand the value chain and provide the ultimate solution. Thus value driven approach to business transaction as a projects ensures that we contribute to the efficiency of the ERP’ and MRP’s of companies we service.  The company’s adherence to sound business strategies and its entrepreneurial spirit will ensure that it becomes an emerging innovative leader and pioneer of sustainable responsible supplier.

Pilo is your project-centred partner for tailor-made solutions & services specific to your business needs & project requirements in the ever changing global markets all businesses compete in.

Our Competitive Strategy

Pilo is a Setswana name for a patch of lawn which is different in appearance from the area around it. However this phenomenon is consequence of unfavourable action and normal process which has unintended outcome which needs proactive and strategic measures to resuscitate it to fulfil its objective and vision.

In this scenario you cut out & apply new patch in affected area or loosen up, scatter new seed, nurture and fertilize the grass to achieve uniform picture fit for the purpose.

Pilo seeks to be the best patch and a strategic fit to all our customers to capture value for its supply chain.

Achieving Strategic Fitness

Strategic fit  is the degree to which the activities of different sections of a business or businesses working together complement one another to achieve competitive advantage and business success.

Failure to appreciate this will erode the company’s bottom line due to lack of alignment of all functions in the value chain to support the competitive strategy through a right supply chain strategy.

Achieving Strategic Stretch

Strategic stretch  is the process of innovation and development involved in finding new opportunities and creating a competitive advantage from an organization’s resources and competencies.

Pilo’s key to support you in achieving the stretch is leveraging your resources both financial and non-financial in five basic ways:

Concentrating them strategically

Accumulating them efficiently

Complementing one resource with another

Conserving them

Recovering them from the market place in the shortest place possible time