General Safety & PPE

General Safety and PPE Equipment

We are a supplier of safety and protective clothing, footwear, personal protective equipment and other allied products.

We cover the whole spectrum of the industry; including mining, agriculture, engineering, construction, warehousing and the food industry.

We offer a one-stop solution for all protective requirements due to our extensive range. We are also able to source any products not listed and can be specially made to customer specifications.

We are based in CSIR Pretoria and but deliver to all parts of South Africa. Orders outside South Africa can be arranged on request.

The following items are supplied under PPE in general:

Fall arrest harnesses



Spillage kits

Safety signs

Medical equipment

Fire suppression

Fall Arrest harnesses and Safety Belts

Pilo provides a full range of Fall Protection gear from leading brands, Anchors, Body harnesses, Connectors, Descent and Rescue, Fall Protection for Tools.


Pilo supply the entire range of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) sourced from carefully selected OEMs and distributors who understands quality and high performance products. We aim to provide cost effective products required by our customers of any size.

Products range from:

Safety foot wear and Accessories

  • Men’s Boots and Shoes
  • Ladies’ Boots and Shoes
  • Accessories – Socks; Top socks; Laces and Sprays

Safety Wear

  • Respiratory Protection – Respiratory masks & filters and Masks
  • Eye Protection – Face Shield; goggles and safety spectacles or glasses
  • Head Protection – Helmets; Hats and Face Protection
  • Ear Protection – Ear Muffs and Pugs
  • Hand Protection – Gloves: Household; Rubber; Nitrile; PVC; Heavy Duty; Heat Resistant; Leather; Freezer and Cut Resistant
  • Body ProtectionAprons to Knee pads
  • Disposable Wear Head; hands and body

Safety Equipment

  • Fire & Road Safety
  • First Aid

General Workwear