Loss Control and Adjusting Services

Loss Control

Loss control is the proactive measures taken to prevent or reduce loss evolving from accident, injury, illness and property damage. The aim of the loss control is to reduce the frequency and severity of losses. It is directly related to human resource management, engineering and risk management practices.

Loss control involves identifying risks and is accompanied by voluntary or required actions a policyholder should undertake to reduce risk. Policyholders may benefit from loss control programs through reduced premiums, while insurers can cut down their costs in the form of claim payouts

Loss control in any organization is achieved through commitments of all personnel in the organization. It emphasizes safety procedures and practices, training and monitoring

Loss Adjusting

Loss adjuster is a claims specialist appointed and paid by an insurance company to investigate a complex or contentious claim on their behalf. They are responsible for establishing the cause of a loss and to determine whether it is covered by your insurance policy.

We cover fire and the specialist transportation and engineering classes of insurance; namely machinery breakdown, plant all risks, road transport, rail transport, building and construction projects.

The following items are interrogated in detail under Loss Adjusting:

Tangible and Intangible
Cause of incident
Involvement of other factors
Severity of incident
Loss of life
Business interruption
Damage to infrastructure
Damage to rolling stock
Environmental impact
Damage to other property

The following items are interrogated in detail under Loss Control:

Implementation of loss control policy
Assignment of duties and responsibilities
Review of claims data
Audits and inspections
Accident reporting and investigation
Communications Development and review of emergency and contingency plans

Loss Adjusting & Control Approach

Acknowledgement and confirmation of request for service

Team building and prompt appointments with clients

Compilation of scope of work to be done using terms of reference

Debriefing meetings and preliminary discussions with client depending on the nature and size of assignment

There after execution of the job begins with site visits, meetings, investigations, presentations, etc.

In all cases the principles of ethics and business etiquette will be upheld and Pilo Risk Solutions will strive to advise the client on all findings, developments and salient features of the risk through meetings, interim reports and even workshops; the bottom line being circumstances, identification of proximate cause, policy response, liability, indemnity, mitigation and recommendations for improvement.

Loss control provides the following benefits:

Minimizes losses of equipment and property while protecting assets

Reduces expenditures of insurance claims

Minimize frequency and severity of accidents

Minimizes interruptions of services provided to the public

Provides a safe environment for employees

Provides a resistance against claims of negligence