HDPE Piping Systems, Fabrication and Installation Projects

HDPE Systems and Installation Projects 

One-stop supplier of HDPE pipes & fabrication, fabricated plastic solutions, piping projects and related products for mining, chemical, industrial, infrastructure, agriculture & irrigation and landfills sites

HDPE Piping Systems

HDPE Pipes, fittings, custom HDPE pipes and sheet fabrication

Overland, in-plant projects and HDPE maintenance

Plastic Rotomoulded Products

HDPE Piping Systems

SABS approved piping systems and jointly offer the following comprehensive list of products and services related to all HDPE Piping Systems

Slurry lines and dredging 

Process water lines 

Sewage lines  

Dam piping and lining

Potable water lines 

Mine dewatering
   – Above water 
   – Below water 

Site dewatering

Heap leach pad piping

Fire ring mains

Chemical bunds & drip trays 

Petro chemical lines

 Effluent water lines

Corrosion resistant pipe lines 

Corrosion resistant pump room piping and fittings 

Foul / sewer water lines

Custom water & chemical tanks

Emergency water systems 

HDPE pipe maintenance

Leachate collection and transfer lines

Water systems

Valve chambers 

Pump houses 

Custom HDPE sheet fabrication for chemical storage, chemical bunds or drip trays 

Floating pontoons & walkways

HDPE manholes

Rainwater harvesting  

Storm water pipe lines, handling, capture or management system for:

– Roads and infrastructure 

– Rail 

– Underground storm water piping 

– Water dispersion 

Gas collection and transfer lines 

Pump room piping:  

– Water treatment plants

– Municipal pools

– Sewerage 

HDPE Pipes, fittings, custom HDPE pipes and sheet fabrication

Supplying of HDPE Solid wall: OD 20 – 630 mm classes PN6 to PN25

Supplying of HDPE Structured wall: ID 300 – 1 200 mm 4 kN/m2 and 8 kN/m2 Hoop Stiffness

Fabrication of HDPE fittings: stubs, flanges/backing rings, bends, fabricated bends, pulled/seamless bends, moulded fittings, lateral, T-pieces and crosses :

-Stubbing & flanging  

-Sheet fabrication  

-Custom HDPE tanks, HDPE chemical bunds  

-HDPE manholes  

-LLDPE tank fabrication (Jo-Jo tanks)

Overland, in-plant projects and HDPE maintenance 

Manufacture, fabricate and installation of HDPE pipes & associated fittings 

Pressure testing of HDPE Pipelines 

Fabrication and installation of pipe supports 

Preventative maintenance on HDPE Pipes (In-plant & Overland) 

Condition monitoring reports 

Overland Piping / In-plant 

Supply & Installation of In-line items:    

– Pumps, valves, fire hydrants etc. 

– Civil Works related to piping systems: 

– Excavating, bedding and backfilling 

– Plinths and thrust blocks 

– Valve chambers 

– Pump houses 

Plastic Rotomoulded Products


Bins & Trays 

Fuel Tanks 

Hoppers – 25 – 5000L 

Intermediate Chemical Containers 

Logistics – HDPE or PP pallets UV stabilized, protectors 

Traffic Management – road barriers and traffic cones 

Aqua Culture 


Step, Digester & Horizontal Tanks 

Tanks with Straight Sides 

Waste Bins 

Water Tanks – 300 – 10 000L 


Various sizes of Spinwelds, Ball Valves, Brass Ball Valves, Nipples, Gate Valves, Tank Connectors, Stopcocks, Hose Adaptors, Screwcaps wit Thread and Rubber Seals, Manholes with Seals, Handles, Plugs and Pumps are available. We also offer installation and repair services 

Other Products: 

Water roller, plastic wheelbarrows with containers, plastic toilets, post boxes, bat houses, pool covers are some of the more unusual item